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Keep Your Car Running Effectively

Sun Auto Service should be your local source for your vehicle's engine repairs or replacements. Expect quality work from our hardworking, friendly team. Start your service today with a FREE pricing estimate.

  • Timing chain and belts

  • Water pumps

  • Cylinder head jobs

  • Engine rebuilds

  • Engine replacements

  • Intake gaskets

Timely engine repairs:

Our fully licensed and insured, ASE-certified team is qualified to replace your engine's worn down parts.


We're happy to assist with your engine motor mounts, fuel pump, oxygen sensors, mass airflow sensors, or radiator replacement. Request service now!

Replacements for your engine

"I would definitely return to Sun Auto Service for all my car troubles. They were honest, fast, fair priced and very nice. Thanks, Sun!"

- Joy O.

  • Head gaskets

  • Exhaust gaskets

  • Intake and exhaust manifolds

  • Cylinder head repair

  • Oil pans

  • Oil pumps


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