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Update Your Car with New Programs

Take advantage of our current, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at Sun Auto Service. As part of your computer diagnostics service, we'll inspect all of the modules and on-board computers in your vehicle. We also perform evaporator emissions diagnostics and repairs.

Our team provides the most careful diagnostic service available in the area.


We'll pull diagnostic codes, upload new programs into your computer, and ensure it's properly updated with transmission, engine, heating and air conditioning, air bag, ABS, and anti-theft modules.


From there, we can diagnose any issues and re-program your computer.

Careful computer diagnostics

  • Electrical short repairs

  • Re-wire car

  • Pinpoint the electrical issues

  • Fuel pump replacement

  • Oxygen sensors replacement

  • Mass airflow sensors

Quality electrical work

"They were very careful investigating the issue and found out that it was a minor problem and were able to fix it within less than an hour.


Definitely recommend their services to the people in the neighborhood."

- Simon N.

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